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Mario Kart 64 Cheats

Mushroom cup cheat
At the beach level there is a lake to the left of a clif-tunnel. Drive in to the lake but only a little bit and up again and then you will notice that you are at first place. You shouldn?t drive in to something then you will become the place you were at before.

Rainbow Road
When you drive away from the start and take the steep float down, you will have to take a jump across the left fence. If you have the right angle and speed, you will land on another part of the circuit giving you way head of the other drivers. Don't forget to brake in the air or you will bounce off the road right away.

Yoshi Valley
Go to the spot in the maze where all the roads melt to one road again. Stay on the right, and make a sharp left slide across the edge when there is no fence anymore. When you perform it well, you will land on the road at the left. This is gonna be a hard one to practice.

DK Jungle Park
When you are floating in the air while jumping via the big jump, steer to the left. This will give you some effort. Don't steer to much, or you will end up swimming. When you are driving in the cave, just drive straight ahead, while avoiding the last most steep piece of road. This piece of road you will only make with a turbo. Some pieces you can shortcut through the grass, but use the turbo for this, because the grass will slow you down ofcourse.

Wario Stadium
This one you will have to practice. At the first few hills, make speed and try to jump across the wall. You will now be at the half of the circuit.

Koopa Troopa Beach
Go through the cave via the jump. Use the mushroom powerups to make it, or jump without one at the edge of the jump.

Spike Shield
On the Luigi Circuit there is a balloon. In the questionmark block that's hanging below it, there is a spike shield. In Koopa Troopa Beach there is one on the green mountaing after the big jump.

Peach Ghost
If you manage to beat the Royal Raceway circuit in Time Trials in under two minutes, 40 seconds, the delectable little Princess Peach will challenge you to a ghostly race. She may be the least popular character, but she's fast!

Mario Ghost
If you beat Mario Raceway in Time Trials in under one minute, 30 seconds, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen. Now you'll be able to race against a mysterious Mario ghost. Let's-a go!

Luigi's Ghost
If you can race Luigi Circuit below 1'52"00 in Time Trials, you can take it up against Luigi's Ghost. This ghost will be saved permanently to the game, even if you don't have a memory pack.

Extra Cups
If you reached the golden cup in the 150 cc level of Mario Grand Prix, you will get an extra level. A new titlescreen appears and you can race all the courses mirrored.

Turbo Start
When the light goes blue, press the gas instantly to make a turbo start.

On dk jungle parkway at the beging of the level turn around and go in the caves beging and turn around then drive on the road to the end of the cave befor you exit the cave at the wall on the left you chould go throu the wall and in water then you will get taken out of the water and put at the beging of the cave know drive to finsh line and will advance a lap.

On Kalimari Desert, turn left onto the second set of train tracks that you cross. Make sure you have a SUPER STAR, or this trick will not work. When you come to the tunel, hit the trigger(z) just before you enter the tunnel. Some time after you have entered the tunnel, it should tell you that you are on the next lap! Now get back off the tracks just after the tunnel, and if you were close enough, you should be in first place!

Mario Raceway shortcut
Around the fourth turn on this track, you should notice a brick wall on the right. This shortcut only works if you have a mushroom. First of all, before you turn, go up the hill a little bit. Then drive toward the wall. Just before you go onto the road, hit Z. And just before you fly off the road, jump. If you timed it all right, and you drove to the right spot towards the wall, you should make the jump over the wall and shave a few seconds off of your time! Trust me, this takes time and practice, it's tuff!

Shortcut in Kalamari Desert
To do this shortcut you must have either a star or golden mushroom. Enter on the second railway track and use your star or mushroom befor you enter the tunnel. You will be way ahead of everyone else.

Super Cheap Shortcut in Frappe Snowland !
This is the best shortcut ever! After you read this, you can surprise your friends with an awesome shortcut! Near the end of the track you will enter a valley of ice mountains. After that is a bridge leading to the finish. BEFORE you touch the ice ground, jump from the bridge onto the snow(sideline). Continue AROUND the finish (when you pass the finish you will be on your second lap) and swerve to the left or right depending on which side you jumped on. When you pass the "out of bounds" area, the lakitu will place you before the finish line. Go through it and you will be on your third lap! This saves about one minute of time! If you miss the jump, try again or do it again at the end of the second lap.

Avoid Spinning Out
If you start spinning out all you have to do is press B and a little music note should show up that relieves you from spinning out.

Charater's Ratings
These are the charaters ratings.




Bowser-1 slow 2 heavy 3 OK

Mario-1 slow 2 medium 3 OK

Wario-1 OK 2 heavy 3 OK

Donkey Kong-1 OK 2 heavy 3 OK

luigi-1 ok 2 medium 3 OK

Yoshi-1 fast 2 light 3 OK

Peach-1 fast 2 light 3 good

Toad-1 fast 2 light 3 good

Some course Tips
Heres some tips for the Mushroom cup courses.

Luigi's Raceway
:watch out for any walls
:make sure u dont go off the road.

Moo Moo Ranch
:watch out for the fences
:watch out for jumping moles

Koopa Troopa Beach
:watch out for crabs
:make sure u dont go in the water
:dont hit walls went going off ramps

Kalimari Dessert
:try to avoid the rough terrain
:try to avoide the moving train

Best Charaters!
In the Mushroom Cup use the following

Any character will do

In the Flower Cup use the following


In the Star Cup use the following


In the Special Cup use the following


Over all i would use Bowser or DK(Donkey Kong).

Tiny but useful shortcut
On Mario's Raceway I think its the 6 turn facing the big pipe. theres a big turn and grass between the roads. Use a mushroom to go through the grass to get a head of your foes by one second.I do it all the time and I always come in first!

Computer Cheat!
Have u ever noticed the way the computers are a little faster then u? well they have a little advanage. They are faster then you even if u are toad and u are racing mario the slowes person! Its very unfair you are saying to yourself but think about it. if they didnt cheat there would be no challenge.

Here are some things they cheat on.
They are faster then.
If u try to hit them with a red shell,etc it mite just stop them and not send them flying like normal.
And there very annoying.

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