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Game Cheats & Game Servers

A game server is remotely or locally ran dedicated server used by game clients to play league matches, or in public communities. Any video game played over the internet generally requires a connection to a game server.

How it works

Data is sent from the game client (you) to the game server (remotly), from there the game server processes the data and sends it back out to the client or clients. Game servers often require large amounts of bandwidth due to the amount of data that has to be sent between the server and all the clients who are connected to it.

Types of game servers

Game servers can be classified as listen servers and dedicated servers. Listen servers are run on the same machine as the game client. When the client disconnects, the server is shut down, as the server and host client are run together. Listen servers usually cannot support many players, due to bandwidth and CPU requirements. The software running the listen server typically limits the number of players for this very reason.

Dedicated servers are set up on a separate machine, often hosted in a data center; thus they have high bandwidth and do not have to share CPU with the client's game. In general, dedicated servers are more preferable for large game servers and/or 24/7 up time.

Dedicated servers are used by game server providers to host individual game servers or Massively multiplayer online games. In general Massively multiplayer online games are all run on dedicated servers usually hosted by the software company that developed and owns the game title, as this allows them to control and update content. In many cases they are run on clustered servers to allow for huge environments and large player counts.

Listen servers are mostly used by individual players in a LAN party setting.

Game server hosting

Many companies lease dedicated game servers out for a monthly fee. These companies are often referred to as Game Server Providers (GSPs). Often each member of a gaming clan will donate to help defray the monthly costs which can reach hundreds of dollars.

Game server providers often offer many game titles, primarily in the first person shooter genre. There are two main types of game server provider, those based on Windows operating systems, and those based on Linux or FreeBSD. Game server providers often offer web based tools to help control and configure the individual game servers and most allow those that rent/lease to modify the games being leased.

Player Behavior

There are usually two sets of rules on any game server.

Firstly; those set out by the game developers. Secondly; those set out by the person who owns, leases or rents the game server.

In most cases these days the first set of rules are enforced by an anti-cheat program such as VAC or PunkBuster. These programs catch those using cheats such as aimbots, wallhacks, chams, modified skins, and many others. Also in the case of Electronic Arts (EA) they have now enforced the locking of some parts of the server configuration if the server is to be used in their ranking system. EA then uses the ranking system to spot stat padders (people who try to get more points by cheating or using underhanded methods to get more points).

Anti-cheat software is also re-enforced by ban lists such as PunksBusted, PBBans and SteamBans. These lists are streamed between any game server that has joined and thus bans anyone on the lists from all member servers with in seconds of detecting a cheat. The lists also allow server administrator to submit cheat demos to help catch those that manage to beat the anti-cheat software and thus help develop the anti-cheat software. Anti-cheat software such as PunkBuster and Valve Anti-Cheat kick players for small infringements such as incorrect CVARs, and globally ban players for life for using cheating programs. Games using Valve Anti-Cheat will permanently ban the player from playing on VAC-secured servers.

The second set of rules are enforced and made by the person who is paying for the server and can be enforced by themselves or by anyone they wish to give server administrator rights to. The server administrator can kick and ban players for life from their server, if they wish. There are many tools available for administrators to use to help them do this and most game server providers will provide or help set up anti-cheat tools and lists at no extra charge.

Game Cheats

Games are the best entertainment source for kids, boys/girls a decade ago. But as quality of games increases it starts attracting generation from young to old. Now everybody likes to play games on PC, PS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii Games. Games without cheats are hard to complete for some peoples. That’s why game publishers allowed games cheats on their games. By using gaming cheats you can find extra lives, secret paths, walkthroughs, full health power and many other things depending upon game nature.

A game is a frivolous activity that can be played by one or more players. In fact you can say that Game is a destination which everyone wants to achieve. Games carry interesting activities for entertainment and amusement. We can say that games teach us about some rules and regulations. We can also learn about discipline, through games. These rules guide the players about their abilities that what they can do and what they can’t. Games have been played since very earlier times. In earlier days, games were played but there were no resources to promote these games. Nowadays, games have much importance on international level. In earlier days, games were played for entertainment and amusement but in this modern age games are also played as a part of education and simulation. Games add a sense of friendship in player’s mind. Games publications published Games-Magazine, which is a United-States based magazine, devoted to games and puzzles. This magazine was published by playboy in 1977. Later, it came into business and Bits and Pieces Company bought it and brought it in mail order, in 1990.

Importance of Games

Playing games is an important activity of our social and mental development. Through games, we can know how to teach and how to learn. Games are so important in various aspects. Since this is in the home schooling section, some games are based on education. These Games are often important for keeping some kids interested in learning. For example some games come with educational skills and academic contests, (such as spelling and geography bees), can be a huge incentive for aggressive people. Through games we can also learn about teamwork. Games teach us about sportsmanship. Through these games, we can create critical thinking. Especially, games can keep us fit and games also keep our minds fresh. Through games, we learn that how to make result. Games create more courage and inspire us to prove ourselves as best ones. Through games, we can learn that what we will have to do in the condition of under pressure. Through these games we learn that how to take quick decision. In the condition of under pressure we learn about thinking and staying shamed. Games move away our stress. These games give chance to show our abilities. Games also teach us the difference between good and bad. We can know about the stuff of life through these games. Games also give us a chance to know about animals, people and countries. There are a number of kinds of games and each kind of game teaches us different.

In fact, games have defined a role in our lives. Now through these games, kids can know about the machinery. Early people had lack of machinery and they were deprived of video games but now video games are available in every place. Certainly, games do not have to deprive kids in their alone time. In fact games have much significance in healthy child development. Games allow and encourage kids to progress information and to make sense of their own world. As we know, children do not spend enough time playing with mixed age groups. Many children spend their time in playing reactive games, like video games and computer games. In fact these games provide entertain in loneliness of children. Through these games, children can keep them away from boring because in this modern era nobody has enough time to spend for children. In short, games do not give the chance to complain of seclusion. Some games are completely based on fitness. Through these games children learn that how to keep fit and healthy their selves like the hero of the game. Children can also be learnt about shipping, walking, kicking and many more. Some games create a sense of construction. We should know about the exceptional benefits of playing games. In spite of any one’s age and physical ability, some games such as billiards, golf and board games also are played by the young people. These games are of those types of recreational activities that can increase mental and physical skills. Some people also think that games waste our times. But game is a fun and everyone should keep continue practicing. Games have also an educational nature.

There are a lot of games types for every kind of age. For example, numerous games are only for the children with age of 3 years to 10 years. Sega games are common one. Sega is Japanese multinational video game software and hardware developing company. Sega is also a former home computer and console manufacturer. The company made great progress in both arcade and the home console market. But in the year 2001 Sega decided to leave the consumer console business and Sega tried to concentrate on software developing. Sega is providing Childs games. Other companies are also sustaining games for all ages. For example, children of 3-4 years can play different games like moving square game. Through this game, children can know that how to move the mouse in order to catch a moving square. The children of 5-6 years can play Moving image game. This game can teach the children how to change the direction or scene by clicking the mouse. Jumping block game is also available for 4-5 years old children. With this game, Children can learn, how to change the block by clicking the mouse. Some games are based on color matching and are called Color matching games. These games can be played by the children of 3 years or more. The children who know how to add, but they have no practice of this, they can play adding games. Some games teach that how to subtract.

There are a lot of games for up to 7 years old children. For example, badminton is a best game for the children of these ages. There are a lot of other games also including action games. Fantasy games are also liked by the children of these ages.

PC Games

Some games can be played on personal computers. These games are called PC games. For PC games, we require a specific operating system, like Microsoft Windows. There are two versions of PC games. Emerging versions are Linux and Mac. There are a lot of PC games, but top PC games are liked by most persons.

World in conflict: It is a real time tactic game. World in conflict game is developed by massive entertainment. In this game you can find many alternative versions of present day earth.

Star craft || is also very popular one. This game also sustains amusement for the players.

The Witcher game is mostly liked by everyone. This game is based on orient actions.

Company of Heroes game is a best resource of entertainment in free time. In this game, you can enjoy war skills.

PSP Games

For children and young generation, PSP games are also available in the market. Children can enjoy a lot with PSP games. PSP games offer us to win the x10 graphics card. You can also enjoy PSP game named Medieval2 total war. It is an interesting game. MGS portable Ops are one of the popular games, because of which PSP games got the popularity. PSP games are known as play station portable games.

PS2 Games

You can also enjoy PS2 games via your PS2 console. You can play also PS2 games through your HDTV. Explorer HDTV player for PS2 games has only a disk and a cable. This disk and cable come with software. You can enjoy more with PS2 games. RGB cable is also included in PS2 games. For PS2 games, choose a resolution and swap the disk.

PS3 Games

May be you have played a number of games, but I m sure that if you are unfamiliar to PS3 games, then you will enjoy more than enough by playing PS3 games. PS3 games were officially announced before less then 3 weeks. And you will wonder to know that there were already 34 confirmed video games. These PS3 games are used for Sony’s next generation console. These games are far more than PSP and PS2 games. We have many PS 3 Games cheats and you can also find some more at PS3 cheats codes website where also a good number of PS 3 cheats are listed.

Mobile Phone Games

Mobile phone games are also a great facility. Mobile phone games are of different kinds. Mobile phone games provide the facility that you can play mobile phone games at any place, because these games are available in your mobile phone. There are a number of mobile phone games that are liked by most persons but snake mobile phone game is the best one. Children like to play football and other games on mobile phones. In this modern era, mobile phone games are available in colors. Mp3 sound mobile phone games are also available in latest mobile phones. Mobile phone games are mostly played by the adults, because these games are so difficult and interesting.

Party Games

Adults can enjoy party games. This can be fun and interesting for young children, while teaching about the history of your family. To play these games, you will have to spend some time. You also need to spend energy on these games. These games can be very rewarding. The base of these games is creating cards. So the kids can play the Memory Game. The main purpose of these games is to create cards of people in your family and give a brief summary of who they are. If you have a computer then you can play these games on your computer. You can also scan in the pictures, resize them, add text and print out.

Xbox Games

Microsoft finally launched its gaming console with the name of Xbox in November15, 2001. It has Pentium 3 processor and very good graphics engine support. It got much success in market and gamers like to play games on Xbox console.

Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 games are a great facility for user’s amusement. You can connect your PC to a high definition display. For example plasma television has a high definition display. Xbox 360 games are also for adults because they can enjoy more from these Xbox 360 games. Xbox 360 games can be played on big screen. Some interesting and popular Xbox 360 games are:

  • Dead or Alive 4
  • Gears of War
  • Halo 3

Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii remote or Wiimote is compatible with many flash games. You can play Wii games on your PC. The Wii browser will be able to zoom, in order to size the games for your television. Through this facility you can enjoy a lot from Wii games. Wii games are famous for Wii sports, Wii play, Spider man-3 and Super mario 64(virtual console).

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