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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Maps

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (abbreviated CS: CZ or just CZ) is the newer version of the multiplayer game, Counter-Strike. The game was released in 2004 using the GoldSrc Half-Life engine. CS: CZ features a multiplayer mode, which mostly features updated character models, textures, maps and other graphical tweaks. Unlike other Counter-Strike games, Condition Zero also contains a single player mission pack with the player unlocking maps and more efficient bots as they pass certain requirements for each map while playing as a counter terrorist. These requirements include targets such as, "Kill 3 enemies with a glock" or "Win a round in 45 seconds." Condition Zero also contains bots with better AI than other Counter-Strike games.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero maps

Condition Zero maps are generally re-made Counter-Strike maps featuring newer textures and effects. As of 2008, some Condition Zero maps now contain advertising. Several new maps made by Turtle Rock Studio were also incorporated into the Xbox version of Counter-Strike.

Clans and Communities

Clans and Communities are groups of players which play together under a single name, usually displayed as a shortened version known as a "tag" in their in-game name. Clans tend to be more tight knit than communities, and are often made up of around 10 - 50 people. Communities are typically much larger and generally consist of more than 50 players. This group aspect of the game is one of the reasons it is so popular many years after its release. Clans and Communities often run or rent their own servers which they administer themselves.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes were what was left over from Ritual Entertainment's dropped share of development. A series of 18 unconnected single-player missions, Deleted Scenes were originally the focus on the game with standard multiplayer thrown in too. However, after declaring the game gold and handing out review copies of Ritual's work, Valve saw an average review score of around just 60%. The companies retracted the gold status and work on CZ was essentially begun again. The final game contained Ritual's portion, called Deleted Scenes, alongside Turtle Rock Studios's version of the game.

Several weapons from the "lost contents" have made an appearance in Deleted Scenes, including the M72 Light Anti-Armor Weapon, and the M60 machine gun. Some are unfortunately limited to the AI terrorists, such as the machete and Rogue Entertainment's controversial suicide belt. Some reconnaissance weapons including the blowtorch, radio, Fiber optic Camera, and remote control bombs. Players can also carry up to three grenades instead of the usual one. Moreover, the power of players' Kevlar Armor is boosted, better protecting players from many projectiles and bullets.

Some weapons were completely reanimated. This includes the Colt M4A1, FAMAS and Galil with the exception of the SIG SG 552 which uses its "beta animations". Weapon textures are also slightly modified. The weapons are colored a bit differently from their Counter-Strike counterparts, such as the Arctic Warfare Magnum which is now brown instead of green, the Steyr AUG and the Colt M4 Carbine are now two-tone police black instead of the usual colors. It initially came with twelve missions, but later Steam updates added six additional missions that were cut from the initial release. There is a small community for Deleted Scenes, and a few custom maps have been released. Three are by Thearrel "Kiltron" McKinney, a mapper who worked on the game itself.

At the ending credits, a Delta Force soldier rides a Scud missile, clearly alluding to Dr. Strangelove.

List of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Missions

1. Counter Terrorist Training
2. Recoil
3. Thin Ice
4. Rise Hard
5. Secret War
6. Alamo
7. Pipe Dream
8. Lost Cause
9. Fast Line
10. Truth in Chaos
11. Run!
12. Hankagai
13. Miami Heat
14. Turn of the Crank
15. DrugLab
16. Downed Pilot
17. Motorcade Assault
18. Building Recon

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter in which players join either the terrorist or counter-terrorist team (or becomes a spectator). Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously, usually at opposite ends of the map from each other. A player can choose to play as one of eight different default character models (four for each side, although Counter-Strike: Condition Zero added two extra models, bringing the total to ten). Players are generally given a few seconds before the round begins (known as "freeze time") to prepare and buy equipment, during which they cannot attack or walk/move (a player can still take damage, having the player drop from a certain height during freeze time was the only way somebody could control the players starting "HP"). They can return to the buy area within a set amount of time to buy more equipment (some custom maps included neutral "buy zones" that could be used by both teams). Once the round has ended, surviving players retain their equipment for use in the next round; players who were killed begin the next round with the basic default starting equipment.

Standard monetary bonuses are awarded for winning a round, losing a round, killing an enemy, being the first to instruct a hostage to follow, rescuing a hostage or planting the bomb.

The scoreboard displays team scores in addition to statistics for each player: name, kills, deaths, and ping (in milliseconds). The scoreboard also indicates whether a player is dead, carrying the bomb (on bomb maps), or is the VIP (on assassination maps), although information on players on the opposing team is hidden from a player until his/her death, as this information can be important.

Killed players become "spectators" for the duration of the round; they cannot change their names until they spawn (come alive) again, text chat cannot be sent to or received from live players; and voice chat can only be received from live players and not sent to them (unless the cvar sv_alltalk is set to 1). Spectators are generally able to watch the rest of the round from multiple selectable views, although some servers disable some of these views to prevent dead players from relaying information about living players to their teammates through alternative media (most notably voice in the case of Internet cafes and Voice over IP programs such as TeamSpeak or Ventrilo). This technique is known as "ghosting".

Mods and scripts

Though Counter-Strike is itself a mod, it has developed its own community of script writers and mod creators. Some mods add bots, while others remove features of the game, and others create different modes of play. Some of the mods give server administrators more flexible and efficient control over his or her server. "Admin plugins", as they are mostly referred as, have become very popular (see Metamod, AMX Mod and AMX Mod X). There are some mods which affect gameplay heavily, such as Gun Game, where players start with a basic pistol and must score kills to receive better weapons, and Zombie Mod, where one team consists of zombies and must "spread the infection" by killing the other team (using only the knife). There are also the Superhero and Warcraft III mods which mix the first-person gameplay of Counter-Strike with an experience system, allowing a player to become more powerful as they continue to play. There is also a Star Wars mod, where you get a lightsaber instead of a knife, have special abilities according to a starwars character, also receive a rank based on the U.S. military ranks, and the objective is to capture the flags. The game is also highly customizable on the player's end, allowing the user to install or even create their own custom skins, HUDs, sprites, and sound effects, given the proper tools. Also some mods have a feature called rollthedice, where something bad or good happens to you when you type rollthedice.


Counter Strike has been a prime target for exploitation by cheaters since its release. In-game, cheating is often referred to as "hacking" in reference to programs or "hax" executed by the user.

Typical cheats are:

* Wallhacks, which allow the player to see through walls. These work by altering the display driver to display objects that are normally obscured, or altering game textures to transparent ones. The only objects seen on the hackers screen are those close by. The server will not send you characters of the whole map, so you can not see across the whole map.
* Speedhacks, which give the player increased speed. These work by sending false synchronization data to servers.
* No recoil, which keeps the players gun shooting straight on the y axis without a kickback by removing gun physics. No spread is used to make a players gun shoot straight along the x axis.
* Aimbots, which helps the player aim at enemies. These work by moving the player's view to anticipate an enemy's position.
* ESP, which shows textual information about the enemy, such as, health, name, and distance, and also information about weapons lying around the map, which could be missed without the hack
* Barrel hack, which shows a line that depicts where the enemy is looking
* Anti-flash and anti-smoke, which remove the flashbang and smoke grenade effect. This branched off the wall hack.

Valve has implemented an anti-cheat system called Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC). Players cheating on a VAC enabled server risk having their account permanently banned from all VAC secured servers.

With the first version of VAC a ban took force almost instantly after being detected, and the cheater had to wait 2 years to have the account unbanned[citation needed]. Since VAC's second version, cheaters are not banned automatically. Rather, they are banned according to a delayed banning system, and bans are permanent. Many cheats are still not detected by VAC, and often the only effective anti-cheat solution is a human administrator watching an online game. VAC, while being effective in some ways, has also provided a boost in the purchasing of private cheats. These cheats are updated frequently, as to prevent detection, and are available to those who pay to use them or to those in the community or clan.

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Game server, Types of game servers, Game server hosting

A game server is remotely or locally run dedicated server used by game clients to play league matches, or in public communities. Any video game played over the internet generally requires a connection to a game server.

Types of game servers

Game servers can be classified as listen servers and dedicated servers. Listen servers are run on the same machine as the game client. When the client disconnects, the server is shut down, as the server and host client are run together. Listen servers usually cannot support many players, due to bandwidth and CPU requirements. The software running the listen server typically limits the number of players for this very reason.

Dedicated servers are usually run on dedicated hardware located in a data center, providing more bandwidth and dedicated processing power. Dedicated servers are the preferred method of hosting a game server for practically all PC-based multiplayer games. Dedicated servers can be set up by obtaining the server files, editing the configuration and executing the server.

Massively multiplayer online games are all run on dedicated servers usually hosted by the software company that developed and owns the game title, as this allows them to control and update content. In many cases they are run on clustered servers to allow for huge environments and large player counts.

Listen servers are mostly used by individual players in a LAN party setting.

Game server hosting

Many companies lease dedicated game servers out for a monthly fee. These companies are often referred to as Game Server Providers (GSPs). Often each member of a gaming clan will donate to help defray the monthly costs.

Game server providers often offer web based tools to help control and configure the individual game servers and most allow those that rent/lease to modify the games being leased.

Posted by News ticker
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Legend Of Zelda, The: Ocarina Of Time Cheats

Invisible Link

Note: This trick requires a v3.0 GameShark cartridge. Enable the following "Moon jump" code:
D01C8675 0020
811DAC50 40CB"
Use Nayrus Love, then play a warp song. Hold (L) while the song automatically plays to make Link invisible.
Underwater in Zoras Domain

Note: This trick requires a v3.0 GameShark cartridge. Enable the following "Moon jump" code:
D01C8675 0020
811DAC50 40CB"
In Lake Halyia, face the warp point from the wall to the north. Press (Z] + (L) to go over the wall. Go to where the warp point is, but if you go above ground you will have to repeat the code again. When you enter the warp point and emerge in Zoras Domain quickly wear the Iron Boots or you will just pop out of the ice. Now you can look at the "underwater" cave.
Go directly to the Boss in the fire temple

Note: This trick requires a v3.0 GameShark cartridge. Enable the following "Moon jump" code:
D01C8675 0020
811DAC50 40CB"
Go into the first big room in the fire temple and stand on the platform that you used to entered the room. Elevate up and forward until you go "into" the large rock wall. You should fall into the Boss room where you should momentarily fight the fire temple boss Volvagia.
Deflect Ganondorfs super attack

When fighting Ganon(Before he is the monster)he might try to hit you with a super magic attack. If he does, charge your sword for a spin attack, when ganon fires wait until the beams are just in rane of your sword and unleash the attack
(send by:Chris R)
Easy way to kill a wolfos

to easily kill a wolfos, jus wait for it to attack, it will take 2 swipes at you. Wait until the second swipe then hit it with your sword when it exposes its back. If done right one hit will kill it.
(send by:Chris R)
Hidden pictures

Go to where Zelda is met for the first time. Then, look into the window on his left, as you enter. Pictures of Yoshi, Princess Toadstool, Mario, Bowser and Luigi can now be seen. Look from different angles to see them all. Throw something into the window with Mario to receive 20 rupees. Throwing something into the other window will result in a lit bomb being thrown back at Link.
Fun songs

Besides using the Ocarina for songs Link is supposed to play in the game, use the following directions to play useless, but fun songs.
Extra rupees

In Koriki Forest, the starting town, go by the shop and jump on the blocks that lead to it to get 5 rupees. Enter in the shop, come back out, and jump on the blocks again to collect more money. There is a door to the right before entering the market. Enter to find some vases and boxes that contain rupees. After collecting the money, exit, then re-enter the room. Search the vases and boxes again to collect the rupees again. When first entering Hyrule Castle, there is a door that resembles the background. Enter and smash all the pots to collect about fifty rupees. Leave the room and return to collect all the rupees again. After collecting all the chickens in Kakariko village for the first time, keep repeating that process to collect 50 rubies each time. Shoot the signs in Gerudo Fortress with a little moon on them with your hookshot for 20 rupees. Go to the front of the marketplace during the day. Walk up to the chains holding the drawbridge all the way to the top. Then, turn and jump off. As Link falls, 20 rupees may be collected. Walk over the other side and repeat for even more rupees.
Fairy fountain locations

After getting the Gorons Bracelet and the Bomb Bag, search Hyrule Field for suspicious looking boulders for a fairy fountain. In the same tomb where a Hylian Shield is found, destroy the wall to find a fairy fountain. On the way to Zoras Domain, move along the green shores of Zoraa River. Bomb a boulder at this location to discover a fairy fountain beneath it. When leaving the Sacred Forest meadow, a ladder will appear on a hedge. This leads to a clearing that contains a boulder. A fairy fountain is under the boulder. In the watery paradise of Zoras Domain, play the Song of Storms to open a hole in a platform. The hole leads to a fountain below. In the dry desert after playing the Song of Storms, a hole will open up in the ground that will lead to a fairy fountain.
Great fairy locations

Great fairy of power This Great fairy gives Link the "spin slash" attack. She is located at Death Mountain, outside the crater to the left of the entrance, behind a bomb-able wall.
Great fairy of wisdom

This Great fairy doubles Links magic meter. She is located inside the Death Mountain crater. Face the entrance to Goron City (inside the crater). A bridge will be to the right. Use the megaton hammer (obtained after passing the Fire Temple) to destroy the rocks blocking the entrance. Bombs will have no effect.
Great fairy of courage

This Great fairy doubles adult Links defensive powers. She is located near Ganons castle. Obtain the Golden Gauntlets inside Ganons castle. Use them to lift the column that is blocking the entrance, which is to the right, when facing Ganons tower.
Great fairy of magic

This Great fairy is located at the same spot as the Great fairy of courage when Link is a child. Use a bomb to open the entrance. She will give Link a new spell, "Dins Fire".
Great fairy of magic

This Great fairy is located behind Zoras fountain, when Link is a child. Move all the way behind the fountain to find a piece of land. Then, destroy the wall behind it. She will give Link a new spell, "Ferores Wind".
Fox Mask

Royal Guard at the edge of Kakariko Village on the way up to Death Mountain.
Skull Mask

In the Lost Forest. Enter the forest and move to the left. Hop on the tree stump while wearing the mask and play Sarias Song. The Skull Kid will then ask Link for the mask.
Spooky Mask

Sell it to the boy in the Graveyard in Kakariko Village.
Bunny Mask

Sell it to the man running around in the Hyrule Field by Lon Lon Ranch.
Mask of Truth

With this mask Link can talk to the "Gossip Stones" that have the eye on them. They will reveal helpful hints throughout the game.
Skulltula prizes

Visit the Skulltula house in Kakario village after collecting every ten Gold Skulltulas to receive the corresponding prize: Number of Skulltula Tokens Prize for that amount
10 Skulltulas Adults Wallet (holds 200 rupees)
20 Skulltulas Stone of Agony (find hidden holes)
30 Skulltulas Giants Wallet (holds 500 rupees)
40 Skulltulas Bombchu
50 Skulltulas Piece of Heart
100 Skulltulas Huge rupee

Theme from The Simpsons

C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, Analog-stick Down + C-Up, Analog-stick Down + C-Left, C-Down, A, (Z + Analog-stick Down + A) three times, Analog-stick Down + A.
Theme from Jurassic Park

C-Up, Z + C-Up, C-Right, Down + C-Right, C-Up, Z + C-Up, C-Up, C-Right, Analog-stick Down + C-Right, C-Up, (Z + C-Up) two times, C-Up, C-Right, A, Analog-stick Down + C-Up.
Theme from Titanic

(C-Down, Z + C-Down) four times, (C-Down, Z + C-Down) two times, C-Down, Up + C-Down, C-Right, Up + C-Down, C-Down four times, Z + C-Down, C-Down two times, Analog-stick Down + A.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

(Analog-stick Down + A) two times, (Analog-stick Down + C-Right two times, (C-Right, Analog-stick Down + C-Right two times, C-Down two times, (Z + C-Down) two times, A two times, Down + A, (Down + C-Right two times, C-Right two times, Down + C-Right, C-Down two times, (Z + C-Down) two times, A two times, Analog-stick Down + A.

Finding Saria

To find Saria, go to the Lost Woods and move in the following directions: Right, Left, Right, Left, Center, Left, Right.
Finding the Giants Knife

Go to Goron City as young Link. On one of the floors is a wall that appears questionable. Blow it up, then keep destroying the other walls behind it. Talk to the big may to learn that he is working on a weapon. Return as older Link to receive the Giants Knife.
Finding Nayrus Love

Nayrus Love is a protective barrier that helps Link withstand damage. It can be found by blowing up the crack between the two palm trees in Desert Colossus.
Finding a bag that holds 40 seeds

Go to the Lost Woods. After entering, turn right and continue forward to a ledge with a fence and ladder to the left. A metal circular object will be suspended from a tree at this location. Shoot it three times exactly in the center with the slingshot and to receive the bag. A "100" will flash when your shot hits the center. You must score "100" three times in a row.
Finding Gold Skulltulas

Hunt only at night because that is the time that the Gold Skulltulas appear. Some appear while Link is a child and some appear while he is an adult. A few appear during both these times. The Skulltulas like dirt patches, where the magic beans may be planted. Use a bottle of bugs to surface the spiders. Nine of the ten spots contain a Skulltula. Some like to hide in trees, so check them with a roll attack. It is wise to check most trees because most all of them have a good prize such as bombs or rupees if not a gold Skulltula. The Skulltulas can be in slingshot range many times, but require a boomerang to retrieve the token. They also love to hide in crates, so use the roll attack to break them.
Getting Gold Skulltulas

Capture a bug in a bottle and drop them on some soft soil, where Link would put some Magic Beans. Then, a Gold Skulltula will appear. Kill it and get your new found token. This works on all of them except the soft soil spot right next to the man that sells the Magic Beans.
Getting the Biggest Quiver

Enter the archery game as an adult after getting the Gerudo Membership Card. It costs 20 rupees to play, but is worth it. Play the first time and get 1,000 points and to receive a Heart Container. Play the game a second time and get 1,500 points and to receive the Biggest Quiver, which holds up to fifty arrows. When starting the archery game, aim for the bullseye and fire to get 100 points each time. Also shoot at the target at the end. When you come around the end target, aim for the clay jars. Shoot them to collect 100 points per jar. Keep getting 100s on the targets and successfully shoot all the clay jars to get the required 1,500 points for the Biggest Quiver.
Unlimited money

Go to the Lost Woods and find the Skull Kid who is alone as adult Link. Then, lock onto and kill him, and he will give you 200 rupees. Enter a door, return, and repeat the process to collect an unlimited amount of money.
Money from trees

Run at a tree as young Link and press A to roll and slam into it. Then, a skulltula or some rupees will usually fall out.
Breaking open boxes

To break open a regular brown wooden box, just run at it and press A. Link will roll and smash open the box. This is useful when finding all the chickens and to get a Skulltula in the Marketplace room with the pots.
Easiest and ultimate ruby collection

Go to the drawbridge in front of the marketplace during the day and run up to the top of one of the chains. Wait for night to arrive (or play the Suns Song). Carefully run across the bridge to collect three red rubies worth an easy 60 rupees. Play the Suns Song again to lower the drawbridge. Go into the market and come back out again to repeat the trick.
Rupees with Bunny Mask

After completing the Forest Temple, return to the Temple of Time. Drop the Master Sword back into the stone to change back to Young Link. Go to the mask shop and make sure Link can borrow the Bunny Mask. Link should also have the Giants Wallet (that holds 500 rupees) for this trick to be most effective. Thirty Gold Skulltulas should also have been collected, and Link should have talked to one of the kids in the house in Kakariko Village that has the curse on them to get the wallet. Buy as much as possible with the current amount of rupees. Go to Hyrule Field and run to the right, towards Lon Lon Ranch. Run until a man running around like an idiot comes into view. Follow him until he sits down and gets tired. Wear on the Bunny Mask and talk to him. He will ask for the mask and fill Links wallet with rupees.
Purple rupees

Kill any enemy with the light arrows to receive a purple rupee. Illegal Fishing Lure (Sinking Lure) Use the following steps to get a better fishing lure that can catch more fish. As an adult, walk to the log that is sticking out in the pond. Walk around on it awhile to find a sinking lure, that can catch fish almost every time. Note: The lure may only be used once, and if used to catch a record weight fish, the counterman will not give Link a prize. The sign on the tank will also be marked with "With illegal fishing lure."
Get Fire and Ice arrows

After completing the water temple, go to Lake Hylia. Play the Sun Song at plaque near the warp point (serenade of water) to make the sun rise. As soon as this happens, shoot the sun with an arrow and fire arrows will appear. To get ice arrows, complete the Geurdo training center.
Free Lon Lon Milk

Approach any cow with an empty bottle and play Eponas Song. The song will remind the cow of the pasture, and will give Link free milk.
Ocarina flats and sharps

Hold R and press one of the Ocarina playing buttons to make a sharp note, or Z to make a flat.
Fix a broken sign

After slashing a sign and breaking it, play Zeldas Lulluby while standing in front of the pieces.
Chicken attack

As in previous games in the series, if Link approaches a chicken and hurts it in some way, it will call for others to attack. The attack can be stopped by entering a door or leaving the area.
Kill the Rolling Goron

To kill the giant rolling Goron in Goron City, bomb him around ten times. After the ninth bombing, he will grunt and the other Gorons will run out to kill you.
Gossip Stone blast off

Drop a bomb near a Gossip Stone to have it blast off into space.
Stretch a Gossip Stone

Hit a Gossip Stone with the hammer.
Before opening the Door Of Time

After collecting the 3 Spiritual Stones, Navi will urge Link to go to the castle. Before doing so, try to collect all the hearts and the Gold Skulltula tokens and get the master sword. Gandorf will take the Triforce and turn Link into a adult making half the heart pieces and Gold Skulltulas inaccessible.
Free Fairies

Play Zeldas Lullaby in front of a Gossip Stone and they will give you a free Fairy. Play the Song of Storms in front of a Gossip Stone and it will give you a Big Fairy. Get a butterfly to land on a Deku stick and it will turn into a Fairy. Slowly walk towards the butterfly with a Deku Stick out; this requires patience. Play the Song of Storms near a soft patch of soil with a Magic Bean planted. It will grow and produce three regular Fairies.
Malons obstacle course

Return to Lon Lon Ranch after getting Talon to go back home (by waking him up with the Cucco the girl in Kakariko Village gives Link). Complete Malons obstacle course as an adult (talk to her while on Epona) in under fifty seconds. If successful, shell give Link a cow. It will be at his house in Kokiri Forest. Use it to get Lon Lon Milk by playing Eponas Song in front of the cow.
Easy way past the Geurdo

To knock out a Geurdo thief, simply shoot her with an arrow. To freeze her, use the hookshot or longshot.
Ending bonus

Successfully complete the game and wait at the "The End" screen. Eventually, the Scarecrows Song will begin playing with different instruments.
Frozen Zoras Domain

Zoras Domain will be frozen when playing as an adult. There is no way to thaw it.
Getting Biggorons Sword

Use the following long trading sequence as an adult to get Biggorons Sword. Go to the lady that gave young Link the empty bottle, when her Cuccos were rescued. She will give Link a Pocket Cucco egg. Wait for the egg to hatch, then bring it to Talon in Kakariko Village. Bring the Cucco back to the lady, to receive Cojiro, the Blue Cucco. Go to the Lost Woods, then turn right at the entrance. Give Cojiro to the man to receive an Odd Mushroom, which will spoil if too much time is wasted. Rush to the Potion shop in Kakariko Village, then go left into the room. Run into the shop to the right, then give the Mushroom to the lady at that location. She will give Link an Odd Potion. Hurry back to the Lost Woods. The man will be gone, but a Kokiri will be here. Give the Potion to her to receive the Poachers Saw. Ride the horse to Gerudo Valley. There is a broken bridge here, so whip Epona to jump it. Give the saw to the carpenter that is outside to receive Biggorons Broken Sword. Go to the top of Death Mountain, then walk to the right. Biggoron will appear, rubbing his eyes. He has an eye infection and will give link a Prescription. Bring the Prescription to King Zora after he has been unfrozen to receive the Eyeball frog, an ingredient for the Eyedrops. Hurry to the Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Hylia and give the Eyeball Frog to the Old Man. He will give Link the Eyedrops. Hurry back up to the Death Mountain Summit and ive the Eyedrops to Biggoron. After using them, he will give Link a Claim Check. Wait three days (play the Suns Song six times to quickly pass the time), give him back the Claim Check to receive Biggorons Sword. This weapon is twice as powerful as the Master Sword, and will not break like the Giants Knife. Note: If Link is late during any of the time-sensitive parts of the trade, the game will restart back at the person you need to give the item to, and will cost you ten rupees, but will allow another try. Ocarina songs may not be used to teleport to a location during the trade.
Thaw out zoras

you can thaw out the zoras! you know that guy up there who says you cant ,well you can, so listen to me not him!!!
to thaw out the zoras just go out where Juba Juba the giant
fish dude is and hop across the ice platforms(turn left not right,youcanturnright after you thaw out the zoras) until you
come to a cave. there are a bunch of ice monsters there.use the fire thing or your hammer on them. after you beat them all to a bloody pulp go to the next room just keep pushing them around and it will eventually 1 ice block will be where u want it to be.jump on the iceblock beat all the monsters in the next room to a bloody pulp and get a couple of bottles of that blue fire you see dancin arond. FINISH THE WHOLE CAVE!!!!!!! cause at the end is where u get the boots that let u walk under water and u will see that sheik who teaches you a song it lets you transort to Hylia Lake. then go back to the zoras thaw out the king he will give you a free zoras tunic that lets u breath underwater and you can go to the water temple. play the song that she taught u put on the zoras tunic and jump in. u will see a giant door. hookshot the target above it and the door will open go in . thats the water temple. Now back to the begining and go right and there is a giant rock. play ur scarecrows song and a scarecrow will pop up.hookshot it and ur on the rock. P.S:if you know how to beat the water temple email me at les.richard@sympatico.ca

the REAL Jurrasic park song (i made it by me/ Kyle Kelly

Harvest Moon 64 Cheats

Treasure Map
If you look in the tree on your farm by pressing the A button there will be a treasure map inside.

Pond Upgrades
To receive a Anti-Rain Power Berry, catch a small fish, and then throw it into the pond where you first met the fisherman, a blue monkey should appear and give you a berry, which allows you to not get tired during rainy days.
Another one is to throw any vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house, a spirit will appear and gives you a wish to use for one of three choices, Weather, strength and love.
Note: Do not wish for love if you have a mate with a pink heart in her text box, it will do nothing.

How to get the empty bottle
The only place you can buy the empty bottle is from Rick at some of the Festivals in the town square, especially the Flower Festival. With the bottle, you can buy medicine, or keep liquids in it.

How to make Karen fall in love with you
If you choose Karen as your love, there are a few ground rules. Dont talk to her so much. Make sure you constantly talk to her father and the purple bandana guy. In spring and fall, you can find wild grapes. Give them to her and her father all the time. Visit her in the bar when it is open. Sometimes Karen is on the beach near Anns house. when the time comes, get the blue feather from Rick and use it on her.

Get on Moon Mountain without a bridge
from (wondeeful13@hotmail.com) Go to the tree behind the carpenters house (Where you get to ad to your house). Press A to climb the tree that is the closest, or faces the river. You should start climbing the tree and hop off onto the mountain. To get down simply press A where you hop off the tree and he will hop back down the tree.

Blue Power Nut
To prevent getting sick in the rain throw a small fish in the pond near the fishermens tent. If you did it right a water imp will appear.

Exercise the Dog
Okay, so you want to win the dog races but dont have the time? Just build a fence, or use one you already have, and call your dog. When he comes, make sure that you are on the opposite side of the fence as him. He will keep running towards you while you are doing work. This also works with crops.

How to get the Music Box
During the Summer go to the dog house. Line yourself with it facing your field (youll be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your veggies in) From there walk towards the end of the field (youll have to go around the crate) untill (like it says in the map) the tree, the same tree you found the map in, is to your left. Now dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree)line up. Youll have to strike the ground with the hoe about 10 times. Youll get a rusted up music box. Take it to the tool shop and the shop keeper (Rick) will fix it for you. Its purpose is to be given to the girl you like because it plays a love song.

How to get the marble
To get the marble you have to buy some flower seeds and plant a moon drop flower and a pink cat flower then when they are done a boy comes to the farm (Stu) and tells you to plant more so then plant four more moon drop and four more pink cat flowers then when there done the boy comes back and ask you to trade with you and say yes then you get a marble (you can find pink cats at the Flower Festival and buy at least five of it).

Love Meter
The girls in Harvest Moon have affection hearts in the bottom right of the text box.

YELLOW=Deep Affection

How to upgrade your house
To upgrade the shack you live in, you must have two things, lumber and ALOT of money. Go to the carpenters house and check to the right of the bed and there will be a sheet. Check the sheet and it gives you a choice:
1. Kithen
2. Bathroom
3. Log-terrace (Deck)
4. Baby bed
5. Stairs
6. Greenhouse
(These are not in order) Chose one and hell say hell be over to see if you have the money and lumber. Go back to your ranch and if you have the materials, hell tell you he will start tommorow.

How to make Ann fall in love with you
First you should talk to her often. She likes pink catmint flowers and wool. You should show her your dog and other wild animals often she also enjoys cakes like any other person in the game.

Where to Get Recipes
Use the following steps to get various recipes. NOTE: You must have a kitchen to get recipes.

Bread Pudding: Give either eggs or milk to Elli in the Bakery. Cinnamon Milk Tea: Give Ellis father milk from your cows. If this does not get him to hand over the recipe, also give him a few eggs. Corn Fritter: Give corn to Anns father. Corn Pasta: Give corn to Popuris Father. Cream of Turnip Stew: Give a turnip to Marias mother. Easy Tomato Soup: Go to the bar and find the man who picks up your shipments of crops and animal items out of your box or bin. Give him a tomato. NOTE: He is not always in the bar, so this may require a few attempts. Eggplant With Miso Paste: Give an eggplant to the midwife. Fried Char or Fried Potatos and Bacon: Give a potato to the mayor. Garlic Beef Potato: Give a potato to the mailman. Grilled Trout with Cheese: Give a fish to the carpenter near the river. Hot Spicy Wine: Find the big and orange fruit in the forest and give it to the owner of the bar. Mashed Potato: Give a potato to Ann. Miso Soup with Sprouts: Give an edible herb to the potion shop owner. Mushroom Salsa: Give mushrooms to the Harvest elves frequently. Eventually they will reward you with the recipe. Pickled Turnip and Cabbage: At the top of the mountain, locate the old folks living in the old house. Give a turnip to the old man living there. Rolled Cabbage: Give a cabbage to Maria. Simple Tomato Soup: Give the town priest several tomatoes. Steamed Clams with Wine: Become good friends with Karens dad. In the fall, collect as many red berries as possible and try to give him a berry each day. After a while he will reveal the recipe. Strawberry Champagne: Give a strawberry to Karen. Strawberry Wine: Grow a strawberry in your greenhouse. Once it has matured, pick it, and deliver it to Karen. Strawberry Jam: Give Popuri a strawberry. Twice cooked tomatoes and Greens: Give a tomato to Popuris mother. Veryberry Wine: Give Kai, the worker at the vineyard, a fruit or berry. Walnut Cake: Give Ellis grandma a walnut. Mushroom Rice Give the master carpenter (the man who leads the other carpenters, dressed mostly in white) a mushroom. Tomato Rice Give a tomato to Karens Mom Sesame Dandelion Greens Give a medicinal herb to the Saibara, the craftshop/ceramic shop owner. Stuffed Omelet Give an egg to Gray (Anns surly brother). Herb Rice Cake Give edible grass to the old lady, who lives in the restaurant at the top of the mountain. Spa-Poached Eggs Give eggs to Kent, the older grandson of the Potion Shop owner, the one with the blond hair. He can be often found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays. Strawberry Dog Give a strawberry to Stu, the younger grandson of the Potion Shop owner, the one with the black hair. He can often be found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays. Char Stuffed with Mushrooms Give the carpenters apprentice (the one who is -not- on the mountain, but hangs around the carpenters house most often) a mushroom. Potato Pancakes Give a potato to May, the midwifes young daughter, who can be found most often walking outside the midwifes hut. Milk Recipe Give milk from your cows to Rick, the tool man.

How to make Elli fall in love with you
Elli likes fish and eggs and milk. Give it to her every day(eggs milk or fish ethier one.)She well soon fall in love with you if you rapidly give any of those three to her.

How to get rid of your dog
If you want to get rid of that no good mutt just bring it in the bathroom and place it on the ground. Then let it walk around and eventually it will walk into the black where you cant and will fall down some sort of hole. You can call for it but it wont come, you will just hear its barking.
Eds. note: Poor Puppy

Easy medals
To get easy medals in a horse race save the game the day before and bet all your money on one horse then find out the winner of the race and restart the game. Re-bet on the winner with your money. With the medals you can get cool upgrades and gifts.

Invisible baby (glitch)
In order to do this you must first have your baby crawling. Now, pick up your baby and drop it right in front of the bathroom door (the one you go in to take a bath). Than press forward and pick up your baby and you will open the door and jump in the water and when you get out your hands will be sticking out but no baby. Also if you press the Z button it will say the name of the baby as well! In order to make your baby visible again press start and then press the B button it will be visible again! This trick is not very useful but it is funny.

Milk and Wool upgrades
For Milk: When you get a cow it makes small milk(100G) to make it give you better milk "forget" to feed it one day. The next day she will be sick. Buy a medice from the rancher or potion man. Use it and your cow will produve medium milk(150G). Do this again and it will produce large milk(300G). You cant use this method to get gold milk though (500G). The only way to get that is to win the cow festival (Fall 4th at green ranch)
For Wool: Do the same thing you did to get better milk except only do it once. Wool:900G, Good Wool: 1800G

Ellis Grandmother
At some point during the game, Ellis Grandmother (the one in the rocking chair outside the bakery) is supposed to die. This happens on a festival day when everyone is usually at the town square. but she will be where she normally is. DONT TALK TO HER. If you do she will pass away. Also if you marry Elli the Grandmother wont die.

If you put your chickens on the roof using the staircase, they will get fed without you having to do anything. They will still lay eggs also.

Weve got the most detailed walkthrough around for the full guide to life on a farm. Register to access this guide for free.

Girls birthdays
Anns birthday = Summer 14
Popuris birthday = Spring 21
Karens birthday = Winter 29

Power Berry
The pond behind the fishermans tent freezes during the winter so that you can walk on it. If you have the golden hammer, walk onto the frozen pond and hit the rock in the back with your most powerful swing. The rock will break and a power berry will come out.

No money betting medals
When you are betting medals in the dog races, talk to the mayors wife and place the bets where you think the horse will win.DO NOT PRESS OK!!! When your cursor is highlighting the horse names, press B and exit out of the screen. It gives your money back, but it keeps the medals that you bet on the horses! Just dont talk to her again until after the races and if your horse wins, then youll get the medals just as if you had payed!

Invisible Maria
If you are ever divorced from your wife, all of the girls in the game will disappear while youre divorced. If this happens, go to the library and talk to the empty desk. Maria will answer like shes still standing behind it.

Hint: Power Berry
Clear out your garden by the pond, and then use your hoe in that area. You can find a power berry close to your pond.

Hint: Cows Produce Larger Milk
All you have to do to have your cows start out giving large milk, is to name them anything you wish but to be sure to put a heart icon at the ned of it. If you do that then they start out giving large milk.

Hint: Restore the Vineyard
Make good friends with the owner of the bar. After a few weeks, he will give you a bottle of wine. Talk to the Harvest Sprites in the cave until they notice the bottle of wine. Then, throw a vegetable into the pond by the carpenters hut. The Goddess will then ask if you wish restoration upon the vineyard. Say "yes", and, after that fall season, the Goddess will take you to awake the vineyard. This is also a way to get the photo with Karen

Hint: Marias Birthday
On Thanksgiving day go to the mayors house talk to his wife and she tell you that the next day is Maria’s birthday.

Easy Karen Love
Karen may Be hard to get through until now show her your dog 250 times. About every 50 times she goes up a heart. This is the Fastest way to get her to love you!

Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats

Slow Down Time
If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower, but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running long distances or when trying to prolong game time.
Jump Forward 12 Hours
Play this song with the Ocarina to travel forward in time 12 hours: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down.
24th Mask Circus Leaders Mask
Go to the milk bar at night with Romani's Mask. Go to the fish man as each Link and play the songs that he will ask to play on each instrument and the circus leader will give you the mask.
Travel back 72 hours ( only works on 3th day )
When you are running out of time on the third day play the song of time and you will fall back to the first day (I have seen this code in action before and you will be asked to save, say yes and you will travel back) the screen will say 72 hours, 3 days remaining, you will be on the first day, this is real handy if you need to travel back in time and you're too far away from the clock tower to make it in time.
Beat Skull Keeta Easily
When you arrive at the Graveyard in Inkana Canyon, you will see a giat skull at the north arch. You must play the Sonta of Awakening to awake him. He will rise and start hobbling off. Normally you would have to chase him through all of the firewalls, but you can go through the first firewall, turn around, (if you have the grappling hook) grapple to the chest at the top, jump to the opposite side, fight the guy, and save yourself all of the trouble.
Melt the hearth
You can melt the hearth in the Mountain Smithy by using Hot Spring Water from the springs you get from dragging Darmani's grave backward wearing the Goron Mask.
Ultimate Mask
At the end of the game ( after you beat all 4 levels ) , collect all the masks ( All 23 of them including Majoras Mask )

Shoot up to the top of the moon ,there you will find children, give them the masks, the kid that plays with majoras will give you the ultimate mask.

It will let you turn to the ultimate stage of Link ( you also become an adult with a black and white tunic ).
Slower time with normal movement rate
Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right.
Shortcut at Ilkana Castle
I am sure everyone who has played this games hates the added trip through Ilkana Castle to get to the other side of the roof. Here's a little shortcut that will cut out some useless running around. On the roof near where you blow up the circular section on the roof there is a slanted wall that nearly runs smack up to the hole. There is a small lip that you can use to walk up this slanted wall. Once you get to the top jump off the platform and land on the block to your left. Wear the bunny hood and jump off the block towards the fence that lines the roof of the castle. If you jump correctly you can land on the other side of the fence and just walk along the fence to the other side. Ta da - you just skipped a trip through Ilkana Castle.
Shortcut to the heartpiece on the clocktower
Maybe you already figured this out but when you finally transform from Deku Link to normal Link you can just walk up the ramp on the right side of the clock tower and jump up to grab the heartpiece. This way you don't have to talk to the Deku salesman.
Wear the Fierce Dietys Mask outside Boss Battles
First on the third day go to Sakons hideout and you will see Kafei behind a rock, then go to the rock blocking the entrance to Sakons hideout and roll at the track, then, if you're lucky you'll roll through to Sakons hideout (Note:Some times you will roll through the crack and into water, if this happens just try again) so when you are inside have Link put on any mask and then step on the switch so Kafei will go through the door, then press start and switch the Fierce Dietys Mask with whatever mask Link is wearing and then completethe room, when it is Links turn he will have to put the Fierce Dietys Mask on! Then complete Sakons hideout and you can have half a day of wearing the Fierce Dietys mask on !
Get all masks
There are 24 masks in total:

1.Deku scrub get it at the beginning of the game.
2.Goron mask talk to ghost goron on top of the cliff once you get the lens of truth.
3.Zoras mask.Go to great bay ocean and bring the dying Zora back to shore.
4.Bremen mask.At night go to the laundry pool and talk to the guy with the music box.
5.Bunny hood.Go to the ranch and go to the chicken hut.Use the bremen mask to bring in the 10 chicks.They turn into roosters.Then the guy gives you the Bunny hood.
6.Kafies mask.When Gorman leaves Madame Aromas office talk to her and she will give it to you.
7.Keaton mask.Complete Kafeis notebook and talk to the guy in Kafeis small home he will give it to you plus a letter.
8.Postman's hat.Take the letter to the postman and talk to him about it follow him.and you get it.
9.Couples mask.complete Anjus notebook entry by recovering the stolen mask.stay in the stock pot inn untill 2 min.remain.
10.Mask of truth.Kill all the skullatas in spider house,30 in all.
11.Bomb mask.Stop the thief on night 1 at 1 in the morning.
12. All night mask.Stop the thief on night 1 after you get the giant wallet on day 1 at the sea side spider house.Then go to the curiosity shop on night 3 and it's there for 500.
13.Kamaoas mask.At midnight go to north clock town and leave you should be at the entrance to the winter termina field.go to the right and jump to the rock circle and play the song of healing for the ghost.
14.Garo's mask.Beat the Gorman bro's in a horse race.
15.captains hat.Beat skull Keeta at the graveyard and jump across the broken bridge.
16.gibdo's mask.Play the song of healing to the mummy in Ikana in the house.
17.Don gero's mask.Go to the goron temple.play the goron lullaby for the kid.Then light all the torches.The chandelier will spin.Break through them .You get meat take it to the freezing goron.
18.stonemask.Before Ikana there is a stone circle in front of the cliff.ust the lens of truth and give him red potion.
19.giants mask.beat the eyegore in the inverted tower.
20.great fairies mask.unite the great fairy in clock town as human.
21.Ranch mask.protect the milk from the milk bttle breakers on the way to town.
22.mask of scents.after saving the princess leave the palace and swim to the right.Into a hole.Youhave to race the butler then you get it.
23.Fierce Dietys mask.Give all the masks to the kids and talk to Majora.

These are only 23. If any figures out the last 1 E-mail me !
Ride Epona Anywere With Any Character
First open file 1, then fly to any Owl save block but not by Milk Road. Then put on the mask you what to use on Epona save at the Owl and open file 2. Ride Epona to Milk Road and save. Open file 1 and there you are on Epona.

NOTE: Don't use Fierce Diety trick then this one. Because the sword he carrys is an auto equipped weapon so if you do that you will be stuck in the bow screen. Also don't press B button when your on Epona as a Link form.
Owl Statue Locations
Here are the owl statue locations in the land of Termina:

-In Clocktown beside the big clock
-On the shore of Southern Swamp; to the right of the boat cruise office
-In the volcano of Woodfall swamp; on the wooden stand
-Near the waterfall with iceburgs in Mountain Village
-Near the path to Snowhead Temple
-Outside the marine lab in Great Bay
-Behind Zora's Domain
-On the edge of the cliff in Ikana Valley
-In the Stone Tower area near Stone Tower Temple
Easy way to beat the horse race
Once you have Epona, go to Milk Road. Get 50 Rupies and then enter the ranch ( the first alley when you enter Milk Road). Talk to the guy standing by the fence, he will chalenge you to a race. When it comes to the part where there are fences, hit A until there is only one carrot left. Epona will soar over the fence. Also, avoid the spots that make you jump, they look helpful but slow you down.
Get A Bottle
To get a bottle go to great bay coast on the beach you will see a trail of palm trees on the cliffs. Use your hook shot to get through all the trees. At the end of all the trees you go tnto the cave. there you will find a beaver swiming around. Talk to him then go through all the hoops. After you beat him you will have to beat his big brother. After you beat him you will get a bottle.
Easy access to bombers club as human
You must have first completed the Bombers challege as a Deku scrub(finding the Bombers and getting the password)and can change back and forth between Scrub and human. Go into the Bombers hideout in East Clock Town near the Mayors Office then get the Moons Tear,take of the Deku mask so you are human and walk up to the Bomber guard at the entrance to the hide out and talk to him he will congratulate you and you will be able to pass in and out of the hideout freely (with the password ofcourse)
None Movement Ocarina
This trick can only be used as Deku, Goron or Zora. This won't help you through the game but it is fun to do. First use your ocarina, then hold L. Any song you play will not work and Deku, Goron or Zora won't move at all when you hit a note.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Cheats

Bonus Games
Space Invaders:
On the pit stage, if a silhouette goes over the moon, press the Z button when it is over the moon.

play 50 two-player matches in a row.

Play 100 two-player matches in a row.

Exploding Babalities
To do this, you must press high punch, low punch, high kick, low kick, after you enter your characters babality command, and before he/she turns into the baby.

Fight Khameleon
If you hear the word "Toasy" on the Star Bridge stage, quickly press Down + Start to fight Khamelion.

Half Power
In two player mode, when the VS screen appears, press C up three times, then C right three times. The code at the bottom of your half of the screen should read dragon 33 (the rest after the second 3 should be dragons.)

This works for player two also but not for both at the same time.

Level Select
Highlight Sonya and press Up + Start.

Play as Human Smoke
To play as Human Smoke, press and hold Away, High Punch, High Kick, L, R before the screen says "Fight".

Play as Motaro
This trick only works on the Desert and Wastelands. Choose anyone, but before the match starts press and hold Away + Low Kick + High Kick. When the match starts you will morph into Motaro.

Random Character Select
To select a fighter at random, highlight Saibot and press Up + Start.

Unlimited credits
For unlimited credits, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left at the attract mode screen.

Play as Shao Kahn
Select the Rooftop stage, Pit 3, or Kahns Kave. Before the match starts, hold Down + High Punch + Low Punch.

Play as Khameleon
At the story line, press Right-C, Up-C, A, B, Down-C, Up-C, Right-C.

Harder Game
For a greater challenge in one-player mode, highlight Kano, then press Down + Start. You will hear Shao Kahn say, "Youll never win." When you start a new tournament, there will be plenty
of Endurance matches to go around. The Champion ladder has: fight Khameleon, then Motaro, then A LOT of Endurance matches, then Shao Kahn. Some of the Endurance matches have at least *SIX* guys to fight in the same match!

? Menus
During the story screen, press the following buttons in tehir defualt configurations very quickly: BLOCK, HK, LK, RUN, LP, HP, HP, HP, LP, LP. If it is done right youll hear "OH-MAW" and youll get BOTH the Red and Blue ?s. Correction by Re4peR

These question marks will open up some hidden extra options which are outlined below.

Freeplay - ON/OFF Fatality Time - ON/OFF Collision Boxes - ON/OFF One Round Matches - ON/OFF

Level Select - ON/OFF Throwing - ENABLED/DISABLED Unlimited Run - ENABLED/DISABLED Bloody Kombat - ON/OFF Smoke - ON/OFF Khameleon - ON/OFF

Beat Motaro Easily
The easiest way to beat Motaro is by waiting until he gets close enough to hit with a straight up jump kick. If you connect, you will be able to hit him with a combo. Keep doing this until he dies.

Sometimes you have to stay a full screen away from him so that he doesnt hit you with any fire balls. If he tries to teleport, he will usually walk into the jump kick which would lead to a combo.

Kombat Codes
when the story screen comes up, rotate your control pad in a clockwise direction. After a few rotations the Kombat Kode screen should appear. Kombat Kodes are entered using a button to control each of the six boxes. (P1 and P2 refer to player 1 and player 2.)

P1 Low Punch

P1 Block

P1 Low Kick

P2 Low Punch

P2 Block

P2 Low Kick



LAIR:666-444 PIT 3:820-028 ROOF TOP:343-343 SOUL CHAMBER:123-901 TEMPLE:600-040 THE WATERFRONT:002-003 THE GRAVE YARD:666-333 JADES DESERT:330-033 BELL TOWER::091-190 SHAO KHANS TOWER:880-220 DEAD POLL:222-222 ARMORY:191-191 THE PIT:919-919 STAR BRIGDE:606-606 THE TOWER:101-101 THE PORTAL:007-007 PIT 2:166-661 COURT YARD:121-121 WASTELAND:212-212 THE LAIR:000-666

P1 1/2 ENERGY:033-000 P2 1/2 ENERGY:000-033 P1 1/4 ENERGY:707-000 P2 1/4 ENERGY:000-707 SUPER ENDURANCE:024-689 P1 DOES 1/2 DAMAGE:390-000 P2 DOES 1/2 DAMAGE:000-390 NO SPECIAL MOVES:555-556 COMBOS DISABLED:722-722 UNIKORN REF SANS POWER:044-440 THROWING DISABLED:100-100 BLOCKING DISABLED:020-020


The winner of the first round fights...
CLASSIC SMOKE:205-205 NOOB SAIBOT:769-342 MOTARO:969-141 SHAO KHAN:033-564 KHAMELEON:123-321

Secret Messages

Other Effects

The following codes only work in "2 ON 2" and "3 ON 3" games

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